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S4 Ep5- Israel and Our Founders

Hello Friends,

The horrific terror attack by Hamas in Israel on October 7 has unleashed world wide hatred of the Jewish people. Across the world, and here at home in our Universities, Anti-Israel demonstrators have taken to the streets, chased down and surrounded Jewish students, and even mobs in Russia were actively seeking Jewish people arriving at the airport in Dagestan. This is a historic hatred, one that goes back to Biblical days and is stirred up by ancient demonic strongholds. This topic is very complicated and detailed, but today I share some information that my friend, Arlene Bridges Samuels sent me. And of course, I turn to our Founding Fathers to hear what they had to say about the Jewish people. Please continue to pray for the situation in Israel and the Middle East, and our nation here as we may very well see similar attacks because of the open border policies of this regime.

Thanks for listening!

God Bless.


"Duty is Ours, Results are God's"--John Quincy Adams

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