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Ep 27- The Stakes Are High In 2020

Dear Friends,

If you have followed me, you know my heart is for Truth and For God. You also know that I love this nation, America, and that she was founded on Biblical principles and that I always end my episodes with True American History. America is not perfect, but our Founders established a Divinely appointed system that would be the framework for allowing things to always get better. That framework has been under attack for decades but especially the last few years. It is up to us, especially Christians, to ACT out our faith and GO VOTE! Vote in Person!

I talk about some things today that are so important. I share a word by actor, Jim Caviezel, on his thoughts about the silence of Christians. I talks about Equal Justice, and other issues. As Always, I end with American History.

Please do your part in assuring that our nation will get back to her roots of our Constitution and what our Founders Divinely envisioned. Again, Go Vote In Person! Don't let the radical Left destroy this great Nation!

Thanks for Listening!

God Bless!


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