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Ep 22- Bipolar Missionary-Paul Samuels

Hi Friends!

Today I get to talk with author, Paul Samuels, about his new book, "Bipolar Missionary".

You do not want to miss this discussion as he gives his testimony about his struggle with Bipolar Disorder and how God brought, and is still bringing, hope and healing into his life and his 44 year marriage. We did this as a video so I am linking that video below so you can watch if you want.

But in the podcast version, I read the chapter in his book written by his wife entitled, "Why Did I Stay?" You don't want to miss that either!

As always, I end with some American History.

Also, you can buy his book on Amazon and I have included that link below as well.

Thank you all for listening!

God Bless!

MJ Video of our interview

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